3 Ways You Can Help

1. Donate to the Fines and Fees Fund

Although legislative change is the primary goal of the Campaign to End Debtors' Prison, the unfortunate reality is that far too many Delaware residents are currently living with court-imposed debt and lack any realistic path toward full payment. Until systemic change can be realized, any reduction in this burden is a positive step.


In this light, the Campaign to End Debtors' Prison has partnered with Friendship House to establish a fund to assist people affected by fines and fees in Delaware. The funding will be used to pay off an entire fee or to pay partial down payments, allowing the individual to start a monthly payment plan with the court.


Support the Fines and Fees Fund, helping Delawareans impacted by unreasonable fines and fees.


Make a contribution and help fellow community members escape this oppressive system!



2. Volunteer for Advocacy Through the Campaign

One of the most important roles for CEDP volunteers is to participate in our advocacy before the General Assembly and other bodies. This can take several forms: letters, emails or texts to legislators, testimony at General Assembly Committee hearings which can be oral or written and participation on specific committees and task forces. CEDP provides information to help in these volunteer role.


3. Volunteer to Support the Campaign


A successful campaign like CEDP requires its own internal support. From time to time, CEDP needs volunteer support for things like recruiting, research, drafting, note-taking, preparing presentation material and website updates. Volunteering to support CEDP in ways like this helps to keep us organized and moving forward.

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